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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Firecrackers for Ah Kua

I remembered playing this when I was very young i.e 5-6 years old like that. This and some other harmless bunga api available in the market were piled up at the house's car porch and together with my cousins, we burnt the whole thing! Not burning them like bonfire lah.
At that age, I've learnt to make the thing went POP with my fingers instead of throwing them onto the floor and enjoying the PIAK PIAK sound. I learnt the stunt to snap them between my fingers as well as throwing them near people's leg to make them jump! We purposely choose the more powerful POPs that would set off sparks when snapped. All just for the thrill of it.
Yes, at a tender age of 6 I've learnt dangerous stunts and challenges from my male cousins who obviously were more daring. Not wanting to be left out of their 'FUN' games, I followed them. Peer pressure was playing a major role here, no? The best is that I never got any spanking or lecturing due to my naughtiness. Mum said let me burn myself to learn the lesson. LOL!!!
As I grew older, those firecrackers did not amuse me anymore. The older we got, the bigger the firecrackers we played and the more dangerous stunts we challenged ourselves to do. Those POP POP firecrackers are for Ah Kua wan, as my cousin put it.
Seriously, I've seen Ah Kuas playing with those harmless POP POP. It was a scene of devastation!!! A devastation to the mind of the audience lah. As a girl, I'm amazed at how over-lady-like Ah Kuas can get. The real deal of a lady also fail big time, I tell ya!
Now, what stunts have you done in your younger days???



Blogger clement said...

i love to pop tat with my finger... it's cool. ha ha. anyway, i can't play firecracker now, asthma, will die soon if play too frequently

6:50 PM  

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