Kampua Talk: The HOO-HAAs of PMR results

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Friday, December 29, 2006

The HOO-HAAs of PMR results

Congratulations to all those who got excellent results in their PMR examinations!!!

The boy in the pic on the right is from my former school, a boys' school in Sibu

Picture courtesy of The Borneo Post

To those who had done their very best but did not get what was expected, do not feel bad. You know you have done your best. Nobody will blame you. Nothing to be worried about.

Family tradition eh?

Picture courtesy of The Borneo Post

And to those getting straight As, well done. Of course you can celebrate all you want and eat all you can. Your journey and battle have not ended YET. This is just the beginning. Yeah, it did feel good in the ass when you see yourself in the newspaper like that family tradition guy in the bottom right pic.

This is something the blardy gahmen supposed to be very proud of, huh!

Picture courtesy of The Borneo Post

Ya, ya...it does indeed feel really good seeing yourself in the newspaper. Some students feel good to the extend that they walk around the school with their noses stuck in the air above their head. When you happen to walk past such students, you could literally feel the strong typhoon passing through you. Well, these were some feedbacks from teachers, not me.



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