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Friday, November 03, 2006

Zakaria QUITS...finally!

Zakaria finally quits
SHAH ALAM: Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros has finally decided not to continue as Klang municipal councillor.
In a statement released around midnight, Zakaria said his decision not to accept nomination was made following Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's advice yesterday.
Full report here.
source: The Star Online
For more than twenty years this fellow served as MPK councillor and for more than 20 years people trusted him. But then what? Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Taking FULL advantage of his position to build a 'mansion' without submitting the building plan to the council. Some more illegally built a restaurant DZ Satay House on state reserve land.
And they only ADVICED him to QUIT????????????
WTF!!! No legal actions? No warning? No saman? No ass-kissing? No CIA intervention? No war? No drama? No tearing off his Datuk-ship? Just ADVICE??? Just a F***ING ADVICE???
And whether he really paid up what he owed also we are not informed about the full story. Come on! We, the rakyat, want to see some drama! Like the PM-Dr M cat and dog fight. This whole thing is getting lame, the headlines are so predictable that I actually managed to save the money of buying newspapers for something else!
Please lah...we want some action-flicked ass-kicking thriller!!!



Blogger A. S. Juan said...

Darling, i seriously love your thoughts. Very original and creative. Very entertaining and worth reading with my already so sunken eyes. Huhu.... Yeah, macam-macam ader kat The Star, aper nak jadi ni? Most malaysian students here are kept on their feet via The Star. Hmmm.... too much issues.

5:36 PM  
Blogger A. S. Juan said...

I mean by reading The Star Online, via The Star pulak... Huahahaha... You know, i have to type "uluuhisa" to post this comment to you. Ish, ish, ish.. Tak per la.. Anne kan The Great. Entah aper pulak "uluuhisa"...

5:39 PM  

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