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Friday, November 10, 2006

What A PIG!

"Eat less pork as many pig farmers are suspected of using the banned drug beta-agonist in their pig feed..."
What is it with beta-agonist? We are going to die anyway. Only a matter of time mar...
Hello, Uncle Chua...itu babi suspected only okay, why the hell ask us to be patient and wait lar! I know lah the pig's health you punya Ministry of Health section. The pig sty is under Ministry of Housing, correct? And when the babi cross the road and don't pay toll then it's Sami Vellu punya pasal hoh????
You know what, pork has became our daily consumption even if our 'certain' counterparts are 'allergic' to them. Pork is our source of wisdom. Hey, don't laugh! Kenapa? Tak percaya kah? Try staying away from pork and see yourself, or rather, your brain deteriorate! Summore you said some of the pigs are slaughtered in illegal slaughter house. Please lah, wei. Is there any place called 'sembelih babi secara halal'???
Every part of the pig also we olang Cina sapu all, i.e. pig's brain (Yummy!), pig's intestines (delicious!), pig's tongue (fantastic!), pig's ear, pig's stomach, pig's kidney (superb!), from head to toe also we sapu habis! That's why we are smart! Because we are blessed with wisdom for not wasting a single bit of the pig's part. Haha! Amazing!
And the question remains:
To pig or not to pig?

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Blogger clement said...

ha ha, i dun care how a pig is killed, i just care that there is meat served in front of me. he he, i want kampua!!

10:43 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Yeah, you shouldn't witness a pig being killed or you'll stay away from anything pig. But for some people who just love food, like u and me, I dun think that's possible.
Go back Sibu and eat Kampua lah!

1:43 PM  

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