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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pervert old sexist mxxxer fxxxer

Hah! As I predicted in my previous post, that old pervert Abu Bakar Hassan (he ain't got honour to be addressed as datuk) is in self-denial again, contradicting with everything he has said earlier. After reading today's news titled Teng: Don't skirt issue and this piece of news here, I couldn't help laughing my ass off!
You see, this time, it's state executive councillor Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan talking on behalf of the hum sup asshole. And uncle Teng only adviced him to meet the media to make his stand. Summore saying, like what I predicted, that the media 'misunderstood' him. What the fuck lah!!!
Hello! We are not 3-year-olds to be fooled by you, okay! What you've said, you've said it. What else is to be 'misunderstood' about the phrase 'sexily dressed'? So simple English you cannot understand ar? I don't find some other meaning behind that phrase. Sedar diri lah, latuk. Make mistake already doesn't want to admit, summore blame the media for 'misunderstanding' you. With that, you are just a notch above retard, the scum of the earth and what a waste of space only!
If you do not mean what you've said, then don't say it in the first place and caused public outrage! Being a 'bertamadun' person like yourself should know better when to shut up! Making that sexist remark will only reduce people's respect on you.
An idiot like Abu Bakar Hassan should be punished jia lat jia lat so that he sedar diri. I actually detest people who make statements yang tidak berasas!

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