Kampua Talk: Hum Sup Municipal Council president Abu Bakar Hassan - minta maaf juga akhirnya

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hum Sup Municipal Council president Abu Bakar Hassan - minta maaf juga akhirnya

Read the news from The Star - Abu Bakar says sorry over remark just now and was wondering why he was doing it so unwillingly. It doesn't sound or look like a sincere apology to me or to anybody else.
He said investigation were under way and that disciplinary action would be taken against the control room operator if he is found guilty of any wrongdoing.
Excuse me? Now you are saying that it was the control room operator at fault? The sexist remark 'sexily dressed' was made by you and it was heard by every pair of ears in the room and now you are putting the blame on the operator? *speechless*
Extract of transcript of council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan’s press conference.

Q: Dr Teng (state Local Government committee chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan) has said that you denied making the remark.
A: There is a misunderstanding. I have said in the press release that I apologise if my remark had hurt anyone’s feelings, including Melissa (New Straits Times reporter Melissa Darlyne Chow). I openly apologise.
Misunderstanding? First, you made the remark. Then you denied it. And now you said "apologise if my remark hurt anyone's feelings". So, that means you admit you actually made that sexist remark lah?

Q: Can you explain why the misunderstanding occurred? We had asked you whether you thought the reporter was sexily ...?
A: No ... no ... no. I have explained (in the press release) that it is a misunderstanding ... that is all.
Oh, so fast to deny, deny, deny leh! Just say the word "misunderstanding" and get away with it? Hey, orang tua, you tidak menjawab soalan langsung lah! Really bo tak chek wan lah this pervert.

Q: Do you think all the reporters (at the function) quoted you wrongly? We confirmed the remark with you twice.
A: I was talking about the dress code. I said (newsmen) must not wear sexy dresses (to cover council meetings) ... please do not relate this remark to the CCTV incident. I did not say because she was sexy, the incident occurred. I did not mean that.
Then what did you mean? If the incident didn't occur, you would not make such remark. What does that have to do with dress code? Even the Public Service Department said that Melissa was decently attired. And why the hell you go and bising-bising connect dress code with CCTV incident? Another 'misunderstanding', I supposed?

Q: That day you said “being sexy is the issue ..." and then you said if she had worn a normal dress, this would not have happened. We all heard it.
A: My statement was misunderstood. I was only talking about the attire in general. Do not relate it to this case because it is unfair.
Then what is fair?
'Misunderstood'? Have you no other better word than this???
They nailed it right in the forehead and yet kept denying it. What an egomaniac pervert!



Blogger clement said...

he got sexicited maybe. and his wildest imagination lead him to think that the reporter is wearing sexy.

11:52 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Yeah! Sexited...
Good one! It's amazing this pervert can get horny in public. Really public...

3:20 PM  

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