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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free as a bird at last...

Final exam is finally over yesterday. It was the Financial Management II paper and due to lack of sleep as well as too much computer games the night before, I managed to do 30% of the questions confidently...question 1 and the exchange rate part. Other questions are damn easy but I forgot the answers.
I was gaming (some detective game) the whole night till about 12am then I started studying. Made myself a huge mug of thick hot chocolate hopefully the caffeine could hold my eyes and brain open longer. After 3 hours plus, I couldn't absorb anything at all. Then a thought came into my mind : If I study longer, my brain still cannot absorb anything, and since I didn't understand a thing I've read through, why bother? After all, it makes no difference if I didn't study. So why waste time? With that, I shut down my laptop and fell asleep almost immediately after I lied down.
When I reached the exam hall the next morning, before 9am, I saw a massive assembly of human being outside the hall, like want to do some protest. Hehe! And everybody's face displayed the same expression! ZOMBIE-FACE!!! LOL... All the faces showed lack of sleep, lack of nutritions (itulah, budak uni suka makan Maggi banyak sangat), additional pimples, panda eyes, bird nest hair, etc...and they were holding stacks of notes!
I prefer free-hand when I go to sit for exams. I mean, what for keep looking at the notes and make yourself more confused? Isn't it the final minutes before entering the exam hall are the time for relaxation and to compose yourself? Summore, these people who love to excite themselves by studying till the very last minute outside the exam hall always like to ask around showing off that they have memorized a part correctly. And if you happen to beg to differ, they will defend themselves untill you come up with proof that they made mistakes then they will shut the hell up and go back to their notes!
What was that for? Being a kiasu is not enough is it? Plus another kiasi in front of your name lor, satisfied?
This kind of attitude has pissed me off for a long time already! If you want to excite yourselves at the last moment before entering the battle field, just sit at one corner and don't disturb others lah! We don't want to know what you've memorized. It would be between you and the papers only after all, so why bother to mess up people's mind? Just leave us the hell alone!



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