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Saturday, November 11, 2006

First BM then English, now BM again

What the hell is wrong with the blardy garmen? I have been using BM since Primary One till Form Five then suddenly they came up with such a 'WISE' idea to switch Science and Maths subjects to ENGLISH! *clap! clap! clap!* Those guinea pigs were students in Primary One, Form One and Lower Six! It was 2003. I was one of the guinea pigs being tested.
Somehow, it wasn't that bad. In fact, I prefer English when it comes to Science and Maths as they are the global subjects. Summore hor, all my subjects in Form Six are taught in English - Pure Maths, Physics and Chemistry and only one bloody useless subject was taught in BM - Pengajian Am. As my BM was pretty OK at that time, I didn't give a damn about my PA. Somehow I just got so used to English that my BM started to obey the Newton's Law of Gravitational Force!
Then, I was offered a place in a local university in the northern province. To my horror, this fucking university is still using BM as bahasa perantaraan! And some more, here got a lot of international student ler. I temporary forgot what were the BM terms for gradient and probability so I used English terms in my quizes instead. The idiotic lecturer marked me WRONG! When I argued, she said it was the wrong term and if I insisted, there's nothing much she could do about it because that's the way it is with the policy!
Later on, when I asked the TNC regarding the usage of language, he thick-facedly said that BM is still used as many students couldn't understand English! What the fuck! I mean, it's the student's problem if they cannot understand English, right? The students should take initiative to learn and master the language if they know they are poor at it, right? This is university ler, wei! No more spoon-feeding lah, uncle! With such an irresponsible reply from someone with authority, there was no doubt why this university was ranked TOP 2 in The Most Unemployed Graduate Rate in the country.
After listening and watching class presentations by some of my fellow coursemates, I just couldn't agree more with the unemployment ranking! In fact, if UUM is ranked No.1, I wouldn't blink at all. No, I'm not looking down on their weaknesses. The fact is that you must be realistic, their language really sucks like anything! Reading from a prepared text isn't difficult at all and yet they just couldn't get that through. English is not a foreign language! Even though majority of those who committed such crime are Malays, I am ashamed to say that my fellow Chinese counterparts are worse than them! It was hilarious listening to presentations in both Malay English and Mandarin English!
I couldn't point my finger at them, though, because most lecturers here just could not speak proper English at all! Some tried but failed miserably. Some even proudly claimed to have graduated from universities in Scotland, USA, England, Australia, etc and yet, their bahasa rojak is nothing that sound like English at all...Guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari...true, eh?
Besides, BM should be their master language since they are Malays, right?
Their BM is not that good either. And I am proud to say that being a Chinese, I can master both BM and English pretty well. My BM teacher (a Malay) once told me that "Essei awak tak macam karangan orang Cina langsung". And I am not a banana. I know Mandarin too. The BM they are using here is Bahasa Melayu Kedah, unlike the Bahasa Melayu Baku I used back in school. When I first came here and spoke BM, people thought I came from Indonesia!
Back to the media, I read from Sassy MP the other day that they are going to switch from using English to teach Science and Maths back to BM. What the fuck is with that??? Switching here and there for what??? You are scared that BM will pupus? Get real lah, majority people are still speaking BM, okay! Whether you like it or not, English is still the most important as it is the global language of science and technology.
Make up your mind, ministers!!! Don't keep switching at your pleasure without thinking of the consequences that might befall the victims. They are not your sex slave to be fucked upside down, inside out as you wish, okay!!! Stop making the youngsters confused and blur like sotong when they are now already halfway sesat! And you expect them to be the future leaders to lead this country? You must be joking!

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Blogger clement said...

no comment about it. stupid. kaninei 1 la, doesn't make much difference, all bm is indirectly translation from English mah.

10:46 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Yalor, and they are saying that by teaching English for Maths and Science will make the standard of BM dropped. NABEH! BM got standard meh? I never know that. We use 'computer' they modified it to become 'Komputer' with a K. Where is the originality already? Really stupid wan.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous astrosurge said...

next is teochew, mandarin, hokkien, hakka, kwangsi, cantonese, tibetan, minan-yu, rawa, jawa, mendahiling, mingkabau, sulu and the list goes on.

no wonder la many drop outs every year cos the edumin (education ministry) bring them round in circles until everyone dizzy dizzy n fell off together gather.

the scenario is called 'sindrom keciciran yang sistematik'. malaysia boleh!

4:29 AM  
Blogger clement said...

malaysia bloeh jiak sai

12:33 PM  

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