Kampua Talk: Dr M is on the Front Page again!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dr M is on the Front Page again!

Well, after the cat and dog fight with Pak Lah, some secret meetings with that fellow, then tembak balik, etc now he is back with that handsome face of his on the front page again.
Full report here.
First it was because he just couldn't keep his hands off the current management, then criticized the PM, later ler some other people created havoc and he's not on the front page. Some other guy with his grand palace that selling satay in some forbidden area was the main attraction.
Maybe Dr M buay song lor since he thinks he's so damn good-looking so he must be in the news all the time. But I don't think this time he purposely made it to the top.
Yalar, being so old already, dahlah already retired, bising-bising with the current buay ho seh system, mana tidaknya kena heart attack? That old guy better go honeymoon with his wife and relax lah...leave the rest to Pak Lah lor. If he's not satisfied with Uncle Lah then why the hell he chose him as his successor in the first place ler?
The conspiracy theorist inside me tells me that this is all planned by the batu head himself. The mastermind behind all the current chaos in the country.
*playing X-Files tunes*
The TRUTH is in here, in the country!



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